About the Developer

ServerWhitelist.com is Built, Hosted and Maintained by FRAGGYnz, a IT Technician, Gamer, Twitch Streamer and Hobbyist Software Developer based in New Zealand
FRAGGY started Software Development for fun as something to do outside work back in 2007 and is 100% self taught, he started Building Web applications in 2009

FRAGGY currently works Full Time Maintaining Commerical Business Computer Networks, Servers and Workstations as well as Home Computers,
outside of work FRAGGY Either Streams on Twitch or works on the ServerWhitelist.com website or any of the other projects currently in the works

So, What is ServerWhitelist.com?

ServerWhitelist.com is a platform where Twitch Content Creators can easily grant Whitelisted or Password access to members of their communities to Community / Sub Servers with minimal to no admin work with supported Game Server Providers and Games

The History of what is Now ServerWhitelist.com

Version 1 Jun 2016 - Jul 2017
Version 1 Began in 2016 as a Steam Group Whitelist system that evolved for a group of clustered community ARK Servers over SSH
Anyone could log in with their Steam and apply to be whitelisted, Approvals were done manually by Server Admins, Whitelists were updated over SSH to game servers
This Project was originally due to be shelved and archived after the servers shut down in July 2017
Version "2" Sep 2017 - May 2019
As the Version 1 of the Steam Group Whitelist system was being shut down, a need for a system like this was seen thanks to Twitch Streamer SteelRain27 and as such, the Concept that is now ServerWhitelist.com was created
The Steam Whitelist Project was modified to work with Nitrado instead of over SSH and Twitch Integration was slapped into it to enable Twitch Subscribers to access ARK Servers bringing in Version "2"
This System provided Steam Based Sign In, Linking their Twitch Account, and Automatically Whitelisting off Subscriber Status, Whitelists were updated via the Nitrado API for Game Servers and Direct through RCON for Supported Games
From there more games were added to the platform and the potential demand for the platform was seen, however the platform as it was had issues due to the Twitch side of things being "Tacked" onto an existing system that wasn't originally designed for it
Version 3 Mar 2018 to Current
In December of 2017 it was decided to completely restart the Project and rebuild it from the ground up,
Development of Version 2 slowed and Version 3 was started from December through to early March,
The target of Version 3 was to bring the platform up to get the same functionality as Version 2 out of a system built off Twitch integration instead of Steam
This System provides Twitch Based Sign In, Linking their Steam Account(s), and Automatically Whitelisting off varying Conditions such as Subscriber Status, Whitelists were updated via the Nitrado API for Game Servers and Direct through RCON for Supported Games
On March 14th 2018, Version 3 was officially in Working Alpha supporting only ARK and on March 19th 2018 the First User (FistofTheWalrus) of the updated Service was added
Since March 2018, the platform has been growing with Supported Titles (See supported games here),
In May 2019, all existing features of Version 2 were fully tested and released proven stable enough, that Version 2 was retired and SteelRain27 was moved to Version 3
Over time, we've been adding in more options for whitelisting players and will soon (At time of writing, Jan 2020) be integrated into Discord for Role / Approval management

All planned features and progress can be seen on the ServerWhitelist.com Trello at trello.com/b/tkFNNpsv