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Eco - Global Survival

Eco - Global Survival

Server Provider & Feature Support

Admin Management by SteamID Permit In-Game Server Admin per Account, no need for admins to have the RCON/Admin Password

Auto Restart Server Set up Auto Restarts via this Platform, Displays the restart time to any player who is approved

Automated Config Updates We will update the server configs with correct settings for whitelisting / monitoring so you don't need to

Automated Mod Update Helper Set up Automatic Updates for Server Mods, Don't worry about having to manually restart servers for Mod Updates

No Restart Required Newly approved players can join without needing the server to be restarted when using Whitelist Mode

Passworded Servers Players can obtain the password for a Passworded Server

Player Tracking Track who has joined the server and the last time they were online, catch unauthorized players*
*Fully Supported via Server Side Plugin or Mod

Whitelisting Don't worry about passwords, only allow approved accounts to join*
*Fully Supported via Server Side Plugin or Mod